Pranklab: 25 Hilarious Scientific Practical Jokes for Kids

Chris Ferrie, Byrne LaGinestra, and Wade David Fairclough

book description

What's more fun than a practical joke? A SCIENTIFIC practical joke! Your friends and family might be annoyed at first...until they realize they're learning about science too! Written by a quantum physicist and two science teachers, Pranklab shows kids how they can use everyday household items to exploit the laws of physics, biology, and chemistry through entertaining (and perfectly safe) activities.

Each prank includes step-by-step instructions, colorful illustrations and diagrams, and additional notes and fun facts to explain the science behind the prank!

Includes awesome pranks like:

  • Fountain Dew: Take advantage of water pressure to soak an unsuspecting sibling!
  • Hunger Explosion: Trick a friend into creating an awesomely messy chemical reaction!
  • Cheater's Dice: Secretly use statistics to win every time!
  • Mind Control Elevator: Test out the mind-bending power of groupthink!
  • and more!
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    Exploding with prank potential, this is THE book to get your little loves if they are into whacky science fun. Prank Lab ticks all the boxes. -Kids' Book Review

    In their unique book aimed at ages 8-12 or Grades 4-8, their practical jokes allow you to learn about science while having fun with hilarious pranks. - The Chronicle

    This highly readable and engaging non-fiction book will provide hours of enjoyment to those children who one: love the idea of a prank and two: are fascinated by science and the many experiments that arouse curiosity and questions. - Read Plus

    As a kid, I would have devoured this book. Packed with fun...yes, not to understand and play with. - Tonja Drecker (Goodreads)