You Can't Open The Door

Chris Ferrie

book description

"Think you can open the door? Think again!" challenges Chris Ferrie in this wildly engaging book that's part engineering lesson, part interactive riot. "You Can't Open the Door" isn't just a book—it's a playful dare, a brain-teasing adventure, and a hands-on science class rolled into one.

In the spirit of groundbreaking books like "This is a ball" and "The Book with No Pictures," this one-of-a-kind journey dares kids and curious adults to crack the code of opening a door. But it's not just about turning a knob; it's a whirlwind tour through the mechanics that make it possible: cams, spindles, and the unseen wonders that make a door swing open (or stay maddeningly shut).

With every page, readers are taunted to figure out the mechanics, challenged to think outside the box, and invited to giggle at their own bafflement. "You Can't Open the Door" turns learning into an exhilarating challenge, making complex concepts like mechanical advantage and rotational force as absorbing as they are fun.

Will you outsmart the book? Can you master the mechanics? Or will the door remain forever closed to you? There's only one way to find out. Get ready to push, pull, twist, and laugh your way through a book that educates as much as it entertains.



Perfect for curious minds eager to learn how things work and for anyone who loves a good challenge. "You Can't Open the Door" promises a journey filled with laughter, learning, and the irresistible challenge of proving the book wrong.