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Frequently Asked Questions

can we collaborate on a new book together?

Wow! I'm honored :) However, I don't have complete control over the Baby University brand or series. The publisher, Sourcebooks, sources ideas for children's non-fiction here: You can submit your proposal there. The publisher and I decide on what books would be viable together periodically.

can I get a signed copy of your book?

Maybe! If you are in Australia, we can probably work something out. Contact me using the form above. If you are outside Australia, I'm afraid the cost of shipping individual books is too high to make it viable both economically and environmentally to ship books. However, I'd be happy to send to a message to anyone you are gifting my books to!

can you replace my damaged/errored book?

Oh, bummer! There are occasional printing errors. Usually, it's impossible to track down the source. However, if you contact the publisher here, they will replace your copy:

where can I get your books in my country?

Thanks for your interest! Up to date information about international distributors is available here:

can I translate your books into my language?

That would be great! Here is where you can find the right person to talk to about foreign rights to my books: