What You Shouldn't Know About Quantum Computers

Chris Ferrie

book description

NOTE: This book is free! You can view it as a series of Medium posts here: https://csferrie.medium.com/what-you-shouldnt-know-about-quantum-computers-0a13863cc0c2.

Whether you're a CEO strategizing the future of your company, a tech enthusiast debating your next career move, a high school teacher eager to enlighten your students, or simply tired of the relentless quantum hype, this book is crafted just for you. Cutting through the complex jargon to deliver the straight facts on quantum computing, peeling away the layers of mystique to reveal the true potential — and limitations — of this groundbreaking technology. Prepare to have your misconceptions challenged, and your understanding deepened in this clear-eyed view of the quantum future, written to inform and inspire readers across the spectrum of curiosity and need.



"Cutting through the jargon and technicalities of quantum science, Chris Ferrie uses humor and wit to educate the reader on the current state of the quantum technological industry. This book helps debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding quantum computing." - Kenna Hughes-Castleberry